About Giclee Art

GICLEE ART SDN BHD specializes on high quality, long permanence giclee prints in Malaysia. Established in 2008, we provide comprehensive products and services to create highest quality prints with a premium feel for customers specializing in photography and art reproduction contents.  We are also a certified ILFORD Printing Partner globally.

We work collaboratively with artists and photographers. We understand the value of original works. By protecting artist or photographers’ intellectual property rights (IPR), our clients are assured of pre-approved prints with no violation of IPR. Each of the edition prints is certified for quality and authenticated by the photographers and original artist.

All prints are delivered on archival grade, branded fine art and canvas materials chosen from the finest paper mills in Germany, Japan, France and Switzerland. The papers are lab tested for archival lifespan exceeding 80 years under recommended storage conditions.

Our art scanning services comprises high resolution scan, editing and colour proofing. To achieve the best reproduction, we use sophisticated and high-end equipment to ensure:

  • Color Accuracy & Consistency for each print
  • All details are captured and reproduced faithfully
  • Consistent digital workflow, with proper sharpening and soft proofing

We provide these high quality prints to hotels, corporate offices, galleries and homes to decorate the walls in the buildings and rooms.

We have also established a pioneering platform for artist incubation, development and art reproduction for emerging artists (including photographers and digital artists) in Malaysia. Their works are sold in limited edition prints, and authenticated with an RFID through a mobile application.

artiKARYA is our brand and label. It consolidates all works from artists and made available for sale at artiKARYA web store.

Giclee Art also owns ILFORD Galerie Malaysia, the 1st official gallery for the brand in the world. ILFORD is a 140-year old photography brand, probably one of the oldest in the industry. Most of our fine art prints are printed on ILFORD papers which has superior reproduction quality and long archival lifespan.

Uploading Instructions


1.  You may upload your file(s) for submission or evaluation (to wesley@giclee-art.my) via:

2.  For best quality, please send us your image file(s) in the following (minimum) format(s):

  • JPEG Fine, for prints not larger than 24″ on the longer edge
  • TIFF-16, for prints larger than 24″ on longer edge

3.  Additional notes & advice:

  • You may send us your images in either sRGB or AdobeRGB profile.
  • It is best to leave the native PPI (pixels per inch) unchanged.
  • Please DO NOT interpolate or up-size the image to the desired print size in Photoshop using Bicubic Interpolation method. Leave that part to us for much better results.
  • You may sharpen your image but it must not be excessive. It is best to leave some headroom for output sharpening which is only done AFTER interpolation (up-sizing).
  • For black & white images, it is of primary importance to check the Black (Dmax) and White (Dmin) points using L values in Photoshop or Lightroom.
  • Matte papers has a lower Dmax, while semi gloss or gloss papers has a higher Dmax, which translates to higher perceived contrast due to the deeper blacks on the latter.

Berita Tan & Tan (GTower Hotel Project)

Interview by Berita Tan & Tan, “Realising Art








The ultimate in monochrome fine art printmaking with excellent Dmax and dynamic range surpassing the best of Epson HDR pigment inks with deeper blacks and far more linear than Epson’s Advanced BW Mode. The smoothness of tones is unrivaled even by traditional silver halide prints.

We dedicated two Epson Stylus Pro printers to Jon Cone’s Piezography Pro inkset; K4 on the Stylus Photo R3000 (A3+) and K5 on the Stylus Pro 9900 (A0/44″), both capable of the highest reproduction of monochrome prints from warm to cool and neutral tones with a million more combinations defined by each customer’s preference.

We spent countless hours linearizing the print system to our favourite fine art papers:

  • ILFORD Tesuki-Washi Enchizen 110 (Natural and Warm Tone)
  • ILFORD Textured Cotton Rag 310
  • ILFORD Gold Fibre Silk 310
  • ILFORD Gold Fibre Gloss 310
  • ILFORD Matt Cotton Medina 320 (available in April 2019)
  • ILFORD Fine Art Smooth Pearl 270 (available in April 2019)
  • Hahnemühle Photo Gloss Baryta 320

A dedicated channel of Gloss Chroma Optimizer ensures that gloss differential and bronzing are greatly minimized or eliminated completely.

Last update: March 2019


Kathleen Bowers, USA

Galina Nistor (http://www.galinanistor.com/)

Royal Malaysia Arm Forces

Tim Hope, New Zealand