A.I. J. P washi inkjet paper

Awagami Inkjet Paper (AIJP) is a revolutionary WASHI (Japanese paper) collection intended for high quality inkjet printing for photographers, fine artists and designers alike. AIJP preserves the uniquely tactile feel of washi while improving on common washi print issues of the past ie.: inaccurate color reproduction and color bleed. All of our AIJP papers are specially coated in order to enhance ink fastness and printing quality maximizing the creative potential of your inkjet experience. For more information, kindly visit their website at  AIJP Washi Inkjet Papers or watch the video (with English subtitle).

We have these in stock:

  • Kozo Thin White

‘Kozo’ (mulberry) has the basic look of Japanese washi with extreme durability and the subtle beauty that kozo fibers afford. Kozo is recommended for photographic prints, high-end reproductions and original works of fine art and is particularly well suited for prints/reproductions of Asian-style works.

Kozo is a traditional material used to make washi, and the fibres are long and thick resulting in a strong paper with excellent archival qualities.  Additionally, Kozo feels soft but is extremely durable.
A special coating has been added to reduce the bleed characteristics that is often found with all other kozo-based paper.

  • Inbe White

Among all A.I.J.P, only ‘Inbe’ (and ‘Bamboo’) papers may be printed on both sides. Composed of a unique mixture of hemp and kozo fibers, the delicate “laid” pattern of the papermaking screen may be seen on the papers surface. Due to its hemp content, this paper is remarkably strong and recommended for printing fine and limited edition books.

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Last updated on 19 October 2016.