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ILFORD Galerie Prestige Gold Fibre Silk 310gsm
ILFORD Textured Cotton Rag 310gsm










This is by far my favourite choice of paper. All fine art papers are either 100% cotton or fiber based. They offer the highest quality of reproduction for both color or black and white images with excellent sharpness and details.

  • ILFORD Galerie Prestige Gold Fibre Silk 310gsm (New, in stock!)

GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk features an inkjet layer coated directly onto a true baryta (barium sulphate) layer and fibre base to produce images with exceptional gamut for vivid colour reproduction as well as creamy whites and velvety blacks for the unique look of traditional silver halide photo paper.

The media creates high definition images with an extended tonal range and excellent archival properties making it a must for exhibition quality prints. This versatile media is perfect for colour images with vibrancy and depth or for producing a sympathetic re-creation of a traditional black and white image. As with true black and white images, the photographer can create the look of chemically toned sepia, gold, selenium and blue images but unlike chemical toning, the number of variations are only limited by the photographer’s imagination.

  • ILFORD Galerie Prestige Textured Cotton Rag 310gsm (New, in stock!)

The new GALERIE Prestige 100% Cotton fourdriner-made rag papers lead the way within the range in meeting the needs of professional fine art printers. Photographers and print-makers alike can rely on these new papers to produce the highest quality images they have come to know and love from ILFORD.

With no optical brighteners and the longevity, image stability and a clean matt surface required for the very best in fine art printing, Smooth Cotton Rag is offered as the perfect choice for crisp detail, while the Textured Cotton range features a contoured surface for enhanced creative expression. 

  • Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag 310 (matte)  (In stock!)
  • Canson ARCHES Aquarelle Rag 310 (textured matte)  (In stock!)
  • Epson “Signature Worthy” Cold Press Bright Textured Fine Art Paper (In stock!)
  • Epson “Signature Worthy” Hot Press Natural Smooth Fine Art Paper (In stock!)

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Last updated on 11 November 2016.